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Avant guard. Promiscuous. Controversial. Of the list of royal fashion icons in history that could conjure up these words, France’s Marie Antoinette might not come on top. However, as exhibited by the Fall/Winter 2018 collection the Queen of France inspired, her opulent and lavish fashion sense was one that defied the norms of the day, making her a royal renegade in her own right.

Known as “Madame Deficit,” Antoinette’s sense of style was a meeting of purity and promiscuity. Through her recognizable style of corsetieres, pastel colors, and extravagant white hair, Marie Antoinette made an undeniable impact on European fashion of her time, and for decades to come. This collection draws on Marie Antoinette’s bold aesthetic, portraying modernity for the chic, sleek, new-age woman.

The King’s Mother Fall/Winter 2018 collection follows Marie Antoinette’s rich, colorful, and dramatic story – portraying the transition from her lavish days in Versailles to her ultimate downfall. Marie Antoinette’s signature style can be seen in this collection’s silhouettes, as well as its focus on boning and structured techniques. This dramatic strength is offset by rich lace and satin textures, as well as more subtle pieces with simple removable features and plain fabrics.

The fabrics and color palette used throughout the collection are a combination of feminine pastels contrasted with dark and deep colors to create a balance. Soft cream and rosewood velvet contrasted with dainty dusty pink lace panels, ebony blacks and deep burgundy complimented with guipure laces and metallic jacquards – all of which serve as an embodiment of the contradictions found within the infamous Queen herself.

In suite, every blazer represents a phase that the late French Queen has gone through – a life lived full of color and texture.

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