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Established in 2016 The King’s Mother is a contemporary women’s blazer brand merging the classic and modern worlds together to create sophisticated everlasting pieces.


Inspired by the couture of menswear and the perpetual movement of art and creativity; our philosophy is to design collections, with attention to detail that live beyond the season for the independent, classy woman with a dynamic lifestyle. Our designs focus on juxtaposing quality fabrics, techniques and embroidery to elevate and evolve the silhouettes of the basic blazer. Innovation, quality and precision are the elements that bring The Kings Mother to life.





Farida Naguib is an Egyptian designer whose love for creating art began at an early age. Rooted in a passion for drawing & painting, Farida’s aesthetic evolution naturally led her to an interest in fashion, believing that design in all its forms truly stems from pure art.


Going on to pursue her studies at the London College of Fashion, Farida completed a year of Art and Design, followed by a BA in Fashion Management. Farida’s educational studies in management and design and her work experience for multiple fashion brands as a designer and marketeer have provided her the practice and drive to start The King’s Mother.


Finding a gap in the market for unique contemporary blazers Farida decided to experiment with her most favored wardrobe staple, the blazer. Farida combined her love for contrasting design elements, attention to detail, and hardworking determination to create The King’s Mother; essentially turning her vision into a reality.


Elevating the rules of the traditionally tailored blazer yet, still maintaining it’s authenticity, is the key to creating each unique The King’s Mother piece.





Blazers were first introduced to the garment industry as sports attire, worn by members of the Oxford and Cambridge rowing teams. Serving as a status symbol for the winning teams, members began wearing their blazers socially as a representation of pride. The word “blazer” in itself comes from the associated tradition of rowing, fashioned by the prestigious rowing club, ‘Lady Margaret Boat Club’, of St John’s College, Cambridge University. It was this victorious team that gave term to the word blazer being recognized for their ‘blazing red jackets’ and transforming “blazing” from an adjective to a noun. It wasn’t just the blazing red that the rowing club was known for, but their prominent namesake Lady Margaret Beaufort. Lady Margaret, King Henry VII’s mother was a noteworthy woman of many achievements. When King Henry VII won the Battle of Roses and was crowned King, Lady Margaret became referred to as ‘The King’s Mother’. The King’s Mother refers to an esteemed era, one of elegance, originality, strength, and success - a true representation of what every piece will deliver to its owners.

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