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Sufi – an ascetic and mystic



The Spring Summer ’17 collection emerged from a fascination with the Sufi Philosophy. Rooted in the linguistic meanings of the word “purity”, Sufism revolves around the practice of enlightenment, acceptance, and finding truth through love, energy, and self- healing.


Seeking to pay homage to Sufi tradition, this collection drew inspiration from the teachings and practices of this spiritual philosophy. The collection seeks to transform and embody Sufi elements and symbols omnipresent around us, in architecture, poetry, the earth and beyond; ultimately translating into design, fabrics and embroidery motifs.


The circle motifs on linear color-blocking panels represent the movement of the Whirling Dervishes, an important Sufi tradition that symbolizes the continuous circle of life. The celestial imagery, through star and constellation embroidery, embody the ‘minaret’ soaring from the ground upwards, symbolizing transcendence into the seven heavens. The intricate cone shaped embroidery placed on sheer organza, represents the human aura, its colors, and energy waves needed to create a wholesome balance.


This season’s silhouettes focused on dramatic cutouts, color blocking and geometric paneling inspired by Sufi architecture, while maintaining a balance between comfort and style. A combination of breezy agile crepe, rich tweed, structured sheer jacquard with elegant organza detailing were integrated to suggest the light and accepting nature of Sufis. The color palette incorporates an array of pastels with a main focus on white, the traditional color of Sufi cloaks, contrasted with embroidery in an enlightening metallic silk.


The echo sounds of the unison Sufi chanting, is in essence echoed into each unique piece, creating a collection that seeks above else, a balance between the physical, the spiritual and the celestial.

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