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The King’s Mother Fall/Winter 2016 collection emerged from a fascination of animal anatomy, with a focus on skeletal movement, lines, and figures. By looking deeper into the form, shape and structure of these beautiful creatures, elements were extracted and then translated into fabric and techniques. The outline of these animals was, in essence, transformed into the outlines of the clothes. This season experimented with altering the basic blazer silhouette through dramatic cutout designs, graceful paneling, and structured double layering. The fit mainly focuses on the comfortable boyfriend fit in place of the more traditional formfitting silhouette.


This collection combines the comfort rich and supple crepe, with the structured elegance of organza. The designs were complemented with novelty embellished fabric, modern net-lace, and structured sheer neoprene, to give each a depth of its own. By mixing these fabrics together, a wholesome balance was created between comfort and elegance; statement and classic.


Fabric selection along with silhouette experimentation culminates in a collection of unique blazers, each with its own strong features. These statement pieces can dress up a casual outfit or standout as an evening piece, letting every woman shine through and standout in her original The King's Mother.

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