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The Spring Summer ’18 collection is inspired by the effect of climate change on the planet. Since the industrial revolution human activity, from the burning of fossil fuels to deforestation has notably enhanced the greenhouse effect. This has led the Earth’s average temperature to rise resulting in the crisis we are witnessing unfold today. The effects of global warming are drastically affecting land, sky and sea, which in return affects the different eco-systems, making it impossible for different species to live in their regular environments. This season pays homage to the environmental struggle face the Earth today and its various manifestations.

This collection’s silhouettes focus on subtle deconstruction of the blazer through dramatic sleeves, pleating techniques and graceful panelling. The inspiration derived from imagery of the different effects of climate change is depicted throughout the collection, through developing graphic artwork, digitally printed on fabrics and textured fabrics such as cracked leather and lined crepe.

The fabrics used throughout the collection are a combination of soft linen, textured crepe, ragged denim and cracked leather in an array of neutral tones. White and beige contrasted with darker tones such as dark denim, olive and black are used to reflect the colours and textures found in nature’s ordinary state juxtaposed with the surfaces, shapes, and consistencies created through man made pollution, deforestation, and drought.

At the heart of the collection is a notion of fundamental change; the contrast of colour and texture are real and dramatic, a testament to the tectonic shits taking place around us.

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